In my country we have only one place that sells Real Techniques and also, it totally is overpriced like everything else and NEVER has any deals whatsoever. So when I heard that they were having 20% off all Real Techniques I was thrilled to buy them! I was a bit sad because we don’t have The […]

I personally love finding hidden gems in the form of people on the internet aka blogs, youtube, instagram and all the other fun stuff. So I decided to share little tiny bit of my faves. If you have some free time, check them out, they are all awesome. P.S. I will update the list if […]

First of all, it is amazingly delicious. Try it, seriously. I have heard so many things about banana bread, but I wasn’t convinced by the looks of it, so I modified the ‘original’ recipe to create something very season appropriate including one of my favorite berries – blueberries. For the recipe you’ll need: 1.75 glass […]

Very often I hear or read things that say : “10 makeup trends guys hate” or just generally saying that guys prefer girls with no makeup. I am a little bit sick of hearing things like this so I decided to speak out myself and tell my perspective on this topic. To wear makeup or […]

We all (I hope so) have those moments in our lives when we realize, that eating pizza and all those other yummy, unhealthy foods, are not going to work out well, because our body needs something more. If not, then at least summer is here and everybody is now freakin’ out and trying to get that […]

Once upon a time I was browsing through the internet and I saw Rachael and many other people rave about these Essence lip liners. I was very intrigued to know, what all the fuss is about so last week I picked one up. I got it in the shade Satin Mauve. It was very hard to find because […]