Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

IMG_4992 (1)

This is kind of a cult product. It has been on the market for years, but people even to this day are interested in buying this so it must be something special, right? Some keep praising it for its ability to cover just about anything and be a pretty versatile product, but I have had about two years of play time with this thing and I feel more than ready to finally share my thoughts – is it really as amazing as everyone says?


The coverage this offers is really great, it does have to be built up for a true full coverage look, but overall it still has the best coverage I have ever found and I really do think that if you needed something to cover a tattoo then this is your guy. It offers great coverage under my eyes, but on pimples I have to do a couple of thin layers to cover the most stubborn ones.


Wear time:

I have oily skin, so the wear is really what takes it down a notch. It tends to separate on my skin during the day and it gets even more dry and cakey as the day goes on. When I go to take my makeup off there still is some left,  but if I were to go out after a long day I would feel like touching up.


It is a really expensive product for such an itty-bitty pot and initially I thought I am crazy for paying so much money for such a small amount of product. As I started testing this product I realized it will take me a loooong time to go through this if I use this as concealer because the amount you need is really small. Not a pinhead as everyone keeps saying though, I feel like I need a lot more than that, but the amount I use is really minute for a concealer.

IMG_5039 (1)


The main claim is that this is a multi-purpose product and you are able to mix and match to adjust the coverage to your needs. I have difficulties finding the right thing to mix this with. It is a complete disaster when mixing a water-based moisturizer with it as it balls up and gets really weird just like expected because this is an oil based product. I have mixed it with oil, but the finish is way too dewy for my skin, someone with drier skin type could enjoy the extra glow, it’s just not for me. Taking this into consideration I have to say that for me there are no multi-purpose benefits and it serves as concealer only.

Shade range and price:

There are 16 shades available on Sephora’s website and the price is whopping $48. I am in the lightest shade SX01 and my skin is NC10 with yellow/warm undertones.

Final thoughts:

I don’t reach for it on a daily basis unless I have a monstrous pimple making an appearance because it is a hassle to work with if you don’t want to dip your fingers in the pot. If your skin is a bit finicky and can be oily and dehydrated at the same time I would skip this product and get something like the MAC Prolongwear concealer or even the Catrice Liquid Camouflage, which is cheap as chips.

Hope you found this post helpful,

Elizabeth, xx

Do you have any experience with this product? Share your thoughts below and tell me what is it like on your skin type, I would like to know! 



  1. I’m super excited to try this product! Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to your future posts. I would love if you could check out! #SaveThePandas! ✨
    Mena |


    1. I am glad you found it helpful! I will definitely try to post more 🙂


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