theBalm The Manizer Sisters // review

At the end of last year theBalm came out with this palette which includes three of their best-sellers – Mary-Lou Manizer (of course), Betty-Lou Manizer and Cindy-Lou Manizer. I was super excited to finally get my hands on Mary-Lou, and even better – try out all of them in one single product!


So the first one, the cult classic, Mary-Lou

Starting off, I think I should state something – I am NC07/NW07 in MAC terminology, so I can say only for my skin tone.  As much as I hate to say this – I didn’t like this highlighter as much as I wanted to like it. It is a beautiful colour, don’t get me wrong, but I find that on a person as fair as me, only the shimmer gives the highlighting effect, because it isn’t lighter than my skin (if you get what I mean). So I don’t really think this highlighter is light enough, but if I pack it on, it looks like I rolled in craft glitter and crawled out in the daylight to scare some children. I still use it every day and it is quite nice, but I would totally imagine this looking all kinds of lovely on light, medium and tan skin tones, because the shimmer is very fine, warm and honey-like.


I am just going to say this right off the bat – this is my favourite of the three. It is a nice peachy-pink colour with pink shimmer. I think it would be really flattering on basically all skin tones (almost like NARS Orgasm). I use it as a really glowy blush and it just gives my face a little somethin’-somethin’. In the summer, this will be my go-to blush, no doubt. And how pretty it would look on medium and deep skin tones, just stunning.


For my skin, it is super dark, a lot darker than I expected, but for deep skinned ladies it would be ideal. It is a neutral-warm brown with gold shimmer running through it. The sheen is the strongest in this one, but I still use it around the outside of my face and it gives a really nice warmth and glow.



My skin is combination, so I don’t tend to use them all together, but I sometimes do and the glow is real, let’s just say this much. 😀 So if you are into that kind of a thing, this palette couldn’t be any better.

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot and doesn’t like to bring a lot of stuff (minimalist if you will, or even just a lazy person like me) I think this is a great investment, because you get to try all of these highlighters for a good value. Save your bucks!

Do you have any of these highlighters or are you just planning to get some?

What is your favorite highlighter? I’m super curious.

Share your thoughts below.

Elizabeth, xx



  1. This looks beautiful on your skin tone 😍


    1. Thank you so much! ☺️ These are indeed very pretty shades.

      Liked by 1 person

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