My favorite time-thieves


I personally love finding hidden gems in the form of people on the internet aka blogs, youtube, instagram and all the other fun stuff. So I decided to share little tiny bit of my faves. If you have some free time, check them out, they are all awesome. P.S. I will update the list if I forget someone. 🙂

1. Jenn Im from clothesencounters (YT)
This girl can make any piece of clothing look like a piece of art. And not to mention, she is stunning inside out.

2. BuzzFeed (YT) and
This is such a cheesy channel to mention, but I see quite a few people mentioning them, but I feel like they still don’t get enough credit for what they do. I am often times shocked by how creative and out-of-the-box video ideas they have. Also, their website is totes worth checking out.

3. Estèe Lalonde from essiebutton (YT), and essiebuttonvlogs (YT)
She has the best vlogs, hands down. These are the only ones that I have really enjoyed and didn’t get bored of. The whole family is amazing. Esteè is bubbly and full of positive energy, Aslan is hilarious and Reggie is the cutest, big dog ever. Her main channel is awesome too, she is a beauty blogger, but it’s filled with lifestyle stuff, too so there is something for every taste.

4. Wayne Goss (YT)
He is a professional makeup artist that shares his tips and his take on all things makeup. He has a quirky personality and he is really down to earth, so I adore watching his videos and learning tips I have never even thought about doing. (example – powder UNDER foundation. Crazy, right? I’ve tried myself and it works!)

5. Sasha from Vixella (YT)
The only gaming channel that I watch consistently. She is so fun to watch, I watch even Minecraft which I normally don’t enjoy. I personally love Let’s play for Sims and Kitty Powers Matchmaker for relaxing when painting my nails, because the videos obviously are long, but that is great because I don’t want to mess up my manicure by pushing any buttons. (first world problems :D)

6. Lindsey from Lindseyrem (YT)
She is less known youtuber, but I love watching her before I go to sleep, because her videos are so chill and her voice is really calming. (as creepy as it sounds, yes) 😀

7. Michelle Phan (YT) and
The legend Michelle Phan. If you haven’t heard about her, then you probably have been living under a rock. And not to mention, her editing skills are out of this world.

8. Anna from highhsoul (IG)

Fellow Latvian. 🙂 She is a model and only 17 years old and modeling for the big companies!! There you can travel the world with her and see behind the scenes of modeling.

9. aniamilczarczyk (IG)
These makeup shots are always a pleasure to see. Especially the highlighting, aaaaahhh, like a Grecian goddess. Jelly! (P.S. in the above picture is not her, but you can see one of my favorite makeup looks that she has done)

 Who is your favorite YouTuber/blogger/internet personality? Or maybe many of them? Let me know in the comments below! 

all pictures taken from I do not own any rights to them

Elizabeth xx


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