Why makeup is not a lie


Very often I hear or read things that say : “10 makeup trends guys hate” or just generally saying that guys prefer girls with no makeup. I am a little bit sick of hearing things like this so I decided to speak out myself and tell my perspective on this topic.

To wear makeup or not is only your choice. Do what makes you happy and feel better about yourself as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. That is the most important thing to remember. No one should tell you different.

These articles and guys often say that makeup is like false advertising. I disagree, because we didn’t choose what our faces will look like, but it is our choice to make them how we would like, so makeup is even less of a lie than wearing no makeup (no offense to someone who doesn’t wear makeup, I applaud to you and really respect and admire).

And the long discussed thing about wearing it only for other people. In my case, I can easily deny it. I like putting it on. Even if I don’t do much, that is what usually gets me out of bed, because every morning I am that excited. If I don’t feel like it, I won’t even bother. I often try different makeup looks, even if I know I won’t be leaving my house that day.

One thing that I do find to be great, is having one makeup free day a week. You can let your skin breathe and also train yourself to accept yourself with all your flaws.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you ever feel pressured to wear makeup?

Elizabeth xx



  1. I started wearing makeup, particularly translucent powder because when I started high school, I noticed how oily my face got by lunch time. It was weird for me to see, because it never happened to me before. So that’s why I reached for powder almost everyday. It’s not that we are lying about being “pretty”. For me, it’s to make me feel comfortable about myself. I honestly don’t care what other people think if I want to wear eyeliner or blush one day. I do it to make me happy. It’s just like doing your hair. Nearly all of my guy friends like doing their hair because they want o look nice for themselves and their occasional selfies. ^^ Many people don’t want to wear makeup; many people like wearing it; and many people need to wear it. I say “need” because of work; you want o make yourself look professional and put-together for interviews and such. Also in the beginning of the school year, many girls wear nearly a whole face of makeup. Mostly to try out makeup and to look nice for school. Then as the year progresses, they have their no makeup days and their natural makeup days. It goes from looking nice infront of others to looking nice for yourself (when YOU care to). That’s how I feel on this makeup topic. ^^ Sorry for my ramble
    Check out my beauty and lifestyle blog HERE: https://purejubilance.wordpress.com/


    1. Oh, no need to be sorry, I love a good rambling! 🙂 I totally agree with you. Makeup is a choice, but to be honest, it makes us look more put together. I appreciate if a guy has done his hair, but I don’t care if he hasn’t. So it is totes up to you not the people around you or your partner.

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  2. “Makeup is false advertising” oh please! In most cases where makeup drastically changes someone’s appearance it is obvious so the guy should’ve known. Also it really shouldn’t matter because makeup is a personal choice and regardless of how someone looks, it’s their personality that will decide whether you become friends/start a relationship or not


    1. Preach. It sometimes gets on my nerve that guys often think that everything girls do is for them or other woman.

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