The lip liner, you won’t believe costs less than 1.50$

Once upon a time I was browsing through the internet and I saw Rachael and many other people rave about these Essence lip liners. I was very intrigued to know, what all the fuss is about so last week I picked one up. I got it in the shade Satin Mauve. It was very hard to find because it seems like everyone wanted this shade, but honestly, I can’t blame them. This shade is a gorgeous brownish mauve, at least on me, and would look good on every skin tone. I am ghost white (like NW08 M.A.C.) and I love it. I can imagine it being a wonderful everyday color on deeper skin tones, because on me it looks kinda bold. If you have been waiting to find the perfect Kylie Jenner lip colour for really cheap then look no further, because you have found your match either with this color or Soft Berry.


The formula is really creamy, but not that much that it breaks and melts like crazy. It glides on smoothly and my lips look as moisturized as it is possible with liner. And also, the staying power is great. The formulation is awesome, so no need for lipstick or gloss if you don’t want. Many say that they are just like MAC pencils, I can’t compare, because I haven’t tried the MAC ones (shocker), but I truly believe that the quality of these is amazing.

Photo on 22-07-15 at 22.59 #5

Just a quick selfie to show you how the color looks on

In conclusion, there are a few other shades that I have my eye on, for example Honey Bun and In the Nude, also there is a translucent one which is awesome, because you can wear it with every single color you have in your makeup stash. Also, an honorable mention goes to Femme Fatale, because that color is to die for.

They cost 1.49$ in America and 1.09€ in Europe. You can find them in every place that sells Essence Cosmetics.

What are your favorite bargain finds?



  1. I really need to try them !!! Thanks for sharing


    1. Yes, you do, they are amazing! Thanks for reading! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve tried some essence products in the past that were hit or miss — glad to see this one is great, so I’ll have to check it out. Hope you have a chance to visit my blog sometime!


    1. I totally agree with you on this one. Not all of their products are great, because this is such an affordable brand, but a few of them are really good. I have heard good things about their cream highlighters that are quite a rare thing at the drugstore. For sure I’ll check out your blog! xx

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  3. Oh wow it is such a gorgeous colour! I love Essence, they have amazing products for such affordable prices. Loved your post ❤


    1. Yes, the color is a stunner, I still use it every day and with a light hand it is my perfect nude. Agreed, but need to be careful, because it is hit or miss with me usually.. Thank you for reading! 🙂


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