Recently Colourpop came out with a brand new line of lipsticks called Blotted Lips and Ultra Blotted Lips. I was ordering a few products and stumbled across this little gem. I knew nothing about the product, but my curiosity took over and I snagged one up. I got the Ultra Blotted Lip in the shade Zuma, […]

Summer is in full bloom and so is the music festival season. I created this look for the Positivus festival, which was on the 14th-16th of July. It is super important to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays so I did minimal and fresh face makeup while keeping the focus on my eyes. This […]

This is kind of a cult product. It has been on the market for years, but people even to this day are interested in buying this so it must be something special, right? Some keep praising it for its ability to cover just about anything and be a pretty versatile product, but I have had […]

The summer is officially here, not where I live because it’s cold and rainy, but for the most of you, it’s sunny and everyone and their mother is craving that goddess glow. In this post I will be showing you my favorite products and a tool to get glowing skin.   H&M Halo Illuminiser in […]

I actually haven’t really seen anyone talking about this subject, but I feel like it is an important one. You know what they say – wear makeup only for yourself, not for anyone else. I 100% agree with that, but in reality, the line between wanting to wear it for yourself and wanting to wear […]

At the end of last year theBalm came out with this palette which includes three of their best-sellers – Mary-Lou Manizer (of course), Betty-Lou Manizer and Cindy-Lou Manizer. I was super excited to finally get my hands on Mary-Lou, and even better – try out all of them in one single product! So the first one, the cult […]

I love light blue nails all year round, but I personally think it is the perfect color to compliment the weather outside. When everyone is whipping out their vampy shades – let’s go on the bright side. I often times feel like L’oreal nail polishes don’t get enough credit. For budget class, I would take them over […]